Shahjibazar Power Co. Ltd.

Shahjibazar Power Co. Ltd.

is one of the largest and most modern, rental Power Generation Company in Bangladesh. SPCL has started its operation in January 2009. Since it's inspection due to hard work, sincerity and honesty, it has become renowned in Bangladesh within this short span of time. It is situated in around Sylhet city at Fatehpur, Shahjibazar, Hobigonj.

Summery of Plant Information:
132 KV National Grid Connected Power Plant
Location                                                                                               Fatepur, Madhobpur, Hobigonj
Total Generation Capacity                                                                  92.86 MW
Total Export Capacity                                                                         89.28 MW
Total Gas Consumption                                                                       19 MMCFD
Total Man Power                                                                                 79 Person

Generator Details:

Total Quantity-32
Jenbacher Gas Engine:
Engine Type                                             J620GSE01
Moteur Number                                        5832951
Speed                                                      1500 rpm
Weight                                                     1500 Kg.
Generating set                                         ISO 8528
Type                                                        JGS 620 GS-NL
Year of Manufacture                                2008
Rated Power                                            2902 KW
Max site altitude of Insulation                 500
Frequency                                                50 hz
Voltage                                                    11000 V
Current                                                    152 A
Mass                                                        22000 Kg
Performance Class                                   G2

AVK                                                          Synchronous Generator
Standard                                                  EC 80034-1, VDE0530 T1
ISO 8528-3                                              Made In Romania
Year of Manufacture                                2008
Type                                                         DIG 140/4
Rated Load                                              3600 KVA BR
Rated Voltage                                         11000 VAC
Rated Current                                         189 A
Power Factor                                            0.8
Frequency                                                50 Hz
No of Phase                                              3
Stator Connection                                    Y
Rated Speed                                            1500 rpm
Direction of Rotation                                CW (Facing DE)
Time Phase Sequence                              UVW
Insulation Class                                        F/F
Weight                                                     11.85 Ton
Degree of Protection                                IP 23
Type of Cooling                                        IC01



Power Transformer Details:
Total Quantity-04
Cooling Type                                            ONAN/ONAF
Power Rating                                           30/35 MVA,
Rated Voltage                                         132/11 KV
Rated Current (ONAN)                            131.22/1574.59
Rated Current (ONAF)                            153.08/1837.02
Frequency                                                50 Hz
Connection                                              Three Phase
Vector Group                                           YNd1
Type of Tap Changer                              ON-Load Tap Changer
Weight                                                     72000 Kg.
Standard                                                  BS-171/IEC-76
Year of Manufacture                                2008
Auxiliary Transformer Details:
Total Quantity-04
Cooling Type                                            ONAN
Power Rating                                           1500 KVA,
Rated Voltage                                          11KV/415 V
Rated Current (ONAN)                            78.73/2086.86
Frequency                                                50 Hz
Connection                                              Three Phase
Vector Group                                            Dyn11
Weight                                                     4500 Kg.
Standard                                                  BS-171/IEC-76
Year of Manufacture                                2008


Gas RMS Details:
Total Quantity-01

Capacity                                                   25 MMCFD
Manufacturer                                           ZICOM, Singapore
First stage regulation                               1000 psig to 340 psig.
Second stage regulation                          340 psig to 60 psig.
Gas Flow Meter                                        Brand-ABB USA,
Gas Analyzer                                            Brand ABB USA, Model-NGC 8206
Gas Heater                                               Brand-ZICOM, Model-ZWH-600-04-600-PL
Quick Opening Closure                             Brand-Aerospace Energy, Model-KKT-18A